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Nontron knives have been fashioned in the tiny village of Nontron in the Perigord (Dordogne) region of France for the past 500 years. The methods and techniques in use today have remained virtually the same since the Fifteenth Century; individual craftsmen using their own rasps anvils and finishing tools to create a work of folk artistry; the Nontron knife. The factory, if in fact a tiny building housing a handful of men and a collection of antique hand tools can be called a factory, is the oldest continuously operating cutlery forge in France.

Nontron: France’s oldest knife

Each knife is an original work by one of only six artisan knifemakers. The blade is forged, not stamped, then tempered in the iron rich water of the Perigord. The boxwood used in every Nontron handle is cut only in the region and patiently allowed to air-dry for at least five years before being cut, shaped and finished as a handle.

Each knife is hand decorated with a circle of pyrograved figures of ancient and unknown significance. A small knot in the boxwood, a slight difference in the figures, which encircle the handle, these unique characteristics ensure that every Nontron is a unique, distinct object.

Deep in France, a long time ago

Knifemaking began in the Perigord in the 1400’s because of the iron, the water and a plentiful supply of boxwood, a light colored but dense and stable handle material. Knife making has persisted and succeeded here because of the tradition of craftsmanship and unusual beauty of the knives.

Most Nontron blades are 440A stainless steel, although carbon steel blades are also available. Unlike most knives, the handle of most Nontrons thickens toward the blade, preventing the hand from slipping forward.

The evolution of an artifact

Throughout Nontron’s 500 years of history and craftsmanship, a variety of handle forms have been tried. Many are lost forever; others have withstood the test of time and use:

Clog or “Sabot” , The most common Nontron handle with its single slit pocket for the blade tip.

Carp’s tail , with a double finned handle end, which first appeared in the late 1800’s.

Ball End , A smoothly rounded handle end also dating from the last century.

Violin , The only Nontron with a spring closure and a contoured handle shaped like a violin.


French tradition advises that when you receive a knife as a gift, you must offer a coin in return to assure that the knife doesn’t cut your friendship with the giver.

Nontron Knives:

Classic Folder w/Non-turning ferrule
SKU: Nontron-NTF


Classic Folder #50
SKU: Nontron-50


Price:  $97.50

Antique Reproduction QUEUE DE CARPE
SKU: Nontron-25QC


Price:  $101.00

Antique Reproduction BOULE 25
SKU: Nontron-25BO


Price:  $67.50

Antique Reproduction DOUBLE VIROLE 30
SKU: Nontron-30DV


Price:  $101.00

Ebony Handled Folders
SKU: Nontron-EB


Model Size

Ebony Handled Boule Folder
SKU: Nontron-25BO


Price:  $82.50

SKU: Nontron-NVT



SKU: Nontron-V



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