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Chelsea Clock Co.

Chelsea is America’s premier clock manufacturing company. Chelsea’s production began in 1897 with the introduction of the `Ship’s Bell clock containing a specially designed clock works that replaced the pendulum. Patented in the United States and England, Chelsea, rapidly expanded its offering of Ship’s clocks to include a wide variety of clocks for home and office.

Their history is rich. Elvis was a fan, often purchasing in quantities larger than life. U.S.Presidents and Secretaries of State frequently presented visiting dignitaries with a Chelsea clock. From Teddy Roosevelt to Bill Clinton, there has always been a Chelsea in the White House. Over the years, Chelsea has done major projects with the U.S. Navy, Williamsburg Reproductions, Tiffany Studios, the Smithsonian and numerous other well known firms. Major corporations and institutions world wide select Chelsea clocks for their award and recognition programs.

Clockmakers from around the world – five of the six inhabited continents – hand craft clocks in a building designed as a clock factory for Chelsea in 1897. Bench skills and machining skills were first learned in far away places like England, Europe, Russia and the far East. This diversity of skills is today blended together to produce an outstanding collection of timepieces for your gift giving needs.

All Chelsea clocks and barometers are backed by the manufacturer’s guarantee supported by a complete factory service facility.

Chelsea Timemaster Commercial Marine Clocks

The Chelsea Timemaster Series of Commercial Marine Clocks (non-striking) is the pinnacle of maritime timekeeping.

Anailable in both the mechanical and quartz models, they have been used for many years by the United States Navy in the demanding shipboard environment – setting the standard long before satellites were used for navigation – and still in use today.

This Chelsea Timemaster has a high precision movement (mechanical or quartz) as specified by the U.S. Military. It meets or exceeds U. S. Navy specifications according to MIL SPEC 1194C & 1194D. The Chelsea Timemaster clocks have passed U. S. Navy tests for accuracy, shock, vibration, temperature and humidity extremes.

The Timemaster is suitable for use on the enclosed bridge, wheelhouse, radio room, and aviation ready-room, on any Government, Commercial or Pleasure vessel or of course, in any home.

Timemaster is not included in the Chelsea catalog. Produced under various contracts which offer limited availability to the civilian market, and available only through authorized dealers by special order.

Chelsea Clock Boutique

Our prices include engraving, gift box, gift card, and FREE SHIPPING

A Chelsea Clock as a Gift or Award…

When you choose a gift, you want it to reflect on you. You want it to be unique as well as appreciated. From the very beginning in 1897, when the first Chelsea clocks were made, it has become the tradition for U.S. Presidents to present these unique timepieces to visiting heads of state. They are so much appreciated that the presidents themselves have adorned the White House with Chelsea clocks. No matter what your gift occasion- wedding, birthday, anniversary, graduation or the many other “times” you search for the “right” gift- you can be certain a Chelsea clocks is both unique and appreciated.
As a business award and recognition gift, there is not a more appropriate choice than a timepiece. Your recipient will appreciate its beauty and function and place it where it can be seen often. Your tastefully engraved corporate message and design is a constant reminder of your thoughtfulness. And there is no more prestigious clock than a Chelsea clock. From multi-national corporations to local businesses and institutions, Chelsea clocks are chosen for award and recognition programs and for corporate events.

History of the Chelsea Clock Co.

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