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Ever since I can remember I have had a fascination with knives. My grandfather gave me my first pocketknife when I was 5 and it was that moment that did it. I am now 26 years old and have been making knives for 8 years. I mainly concentrate on making folding knives of my own design, each one different, but I do occasionally make a few fixed blades. I offer file work, simple carving and do some of my own sheath work. For steels I mostly use Damascus, but also use ATS-34, D-2 and 440C. Handle materials include Exotic Woods,Stag, Pearl, and various types of Ivories including Elephant, Mammoth, and Walrus.

Chuck Gedraitis Custom Goldlip Auto Dagger
SKU: Gedraitis-Dag

Blade is 3-3/8in made of Delbert Ealy turkish twist damascus. Single edged but double flat ground. T…


2nd Canister Damascus Knife
SKU: Gedraitis-can

The blade is 2-1/8in long and made from my first cansiter weld damascus. The Canister was made up of damascus scraps and 1084 powder. This knife is d…


Price:  $155.00

Chuck Gedraitis Custom Upswept Persian Folder
SKU: Gedraitis-upf

The blade is 2-1/2 in long made of Delbert Ealy loose turkish twist Damascus. The front and rear bolsters are Delbert’s tight turkish twist damascus. …


Chuck Gedraitis Custom Jigged Bone Automatic
SKU: Gedraitis-sun

Blade is 2-7/8in long made of Delbert Ealy tornado pattern damascus. Blade is 3/4in wide and .100 thick. Front and rear bolsters are Don Hanson III He…


Price:  $1,200.00

Chuck Gedraitis Custom Desert Ironwood
SKU: Gedraitis-DI

Ground from 1/8in D-2 stock the hollow ground blade is 2-7/8in long. Bolsters are Nickel silver that have been fluted at the front and the scales are …


Price:  $225.00

Chuck Gedraitis Custom Green Jigged bone folder
SKU: Gedraitis-jig

The blade is made of D-2, is 3/32 thick and 3-1/8in long. Satin finsihed with an interesting false edge and flat grind. Bolsters are 416SS and have be…


Price:  $325.00

Chuck Gedraitis Custom Art Deco Framelock
SKU: Gedraitis-FL

Blade is 3in long, 3/32 thick and mirror polished D-2. Scales are .071 thick titanium, titanium backbar and stainless screws. Scales have been anodize…


Chuck Gedraitis Custom Thin Persian Folder
SKU: Gedraitis-tpr

Blade is .105 thick, 3/8in wide and 3-1/2 in long made of Devin Thomas Raindrop pattern Damascus. Front and rear blosters are Delbert Ealy Cheeta patt…


Price:  $1,050.00

Chuck Gedraitis Custom Gentlemen Folder
SKU: Gedraitis-NGF

Blade is flat ground made of Delbert Ealy thunderstorm pattern damascus and is .105 thick and 2-1/2in long. Bolsters are the same pattern and have bee…


Price:  $600.00

Chuck Gedraitis Custom Fluted Folder
SKU: Gedraitis-Flt

Blade is 3-1/4 made of Delbert Ealy tornado pattern damascus. Front and rear bolsters are also Delberts large twist patt…


Charles Gedraitis Custom Krembits

Since Krembits are becoming very popular I decided to make a folding one that was a little dressy….


Chuck Gedraitis Custom Beak Knife

I call this a beak because it is not a warncliffe or a talon….


Chuck Gedraitis Custom Gents Folder
SKU: Gedraitis-Gents

French influenced Gents folder. Blade is 2-7/16in long made of Devin Thomas Twist damascus. Flat gro…


Chuck Gedraitis Custom Green Mammoth Folder
SKU: Gedraitis-GMam

Green mammoth folder. Blade is 3-1/8 in long, 1/8 thick made of Devin Thomas Sharks tooth pattern da…


Chuck Gedraitis Custom Mammoth Auto
SKU: Gedraitis-MamA

Orange mammoth ivory auto- Blade is 3-1/4in made of Devin Thomas raindrop pattern damascus. Flat gro…


Chuck Gedraitis Custom Mammoth Folder
SKU: Gedraitis-Mam

Blade is 3in made of Eggerling Paisley Mosaic damascus. Double flat ground but single edged. The bol…


Chuck Gedraitis Custom Pearl Auto
SKU: Gedraitis-Prl

This knife has a 3 in blade made of Delbert Ealy Twist Damascus. Flat ground with a false edge on to…


Chuck Gedraitis Custom Persian Folder
SKU: Gedraitis-Per

The blade is 3-5/8 in long and made of Bob Eggerling Paisley Mosaic Damascus. The blade is a flat gr…


Chuck Gedraitis Custom Stag Auto
SKU: Gedraitis-Stag

Blade is 3in long made of Mike Norris ladder pattern stainless damascus. Bolsters are Devin Thomas s…


Chuck Gedraitis Custom Walrus Auto
SKU: Gedraitis-Wal

Blade is 3-1/8in long made of Nick Smolen phoenix pattern damascus. Flat ground with false edge. The…