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X-Series LG Remote Straight 4.00 in.
SKU: CFL-053-4
Price:  $52.95

X-Series Replacement 6V Bulb, Blue
SKU: CFL-120
Price:  $24.95

X-Series IR Flip Up Cap
SKU: CFL-210-A4
Price:  $40.95

X-Series SG Remote Curly 8.00 in.
SKU: CFL-310
Price:  $52.95

X-Series Contoured Remote Glock
SKU: CFL-400-A1
Price:  $136.95

X-Series Contoured Remote S.A XD
SKU: CFL-400-A12
Price:  $136.95

X-Series Contoured Remote SIG 228/229
SKU: CFL-400-A4
Price:  $136.95

M Series Replacement 6V Bulb, Gray
SKU: CFL-700
Price:  $16.95

Sorry, Out of Stock. next shipment due 11/16/07

Shotgun Mag Tube Rail Adapter
SKU: CFL-900-A1
Price:  $63.95

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