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Expedition Travel, White Dial, Brown Leather/Blk. Poly.
SKU: T43391
Regular Price:  $54.95
Discount Price:  $43.96

Sorry, Out of Stock.

Expedition Aluminum Trail, Black Dial
SKU: T44082
Regular Price:  $49.95
Discount Price:  $39.96

Expedition Combo, White Dial, Indiglo, Brown Leather Strap
SKU: T44642
Regular Price:  $49.95
Discount Price:  $39.96

Expedition, Full Size, I-Control
SKU: T46821
Regular Price:  $45.00
Discount Price:  $36.00

Sorry, Out of Stock. next shipment due 06/02/05

Expedition, Indigo, Mid Size, Teal
SKU: T73532
Regular Price:  $39.96
Discount Price:  $31.97

Expedition, Digital Compass, Indiglo, Brown Leather/Poly
SKU: T77862
Regular Price:  $57.95
Discount Price:  $46.36

Expedition Combo, White Dial, Indiglo, Brown Poly Strap
SKU: T84601
Regular Price:  $39.95
Discount Price:  $31.96

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