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Check out this list of all of our featured knife brands!! If you don’t see the brands you are looking for, don’t worry, it’s probably in the “All Other Brands…” section. Please look around and take a closer look at all of the amazing knives we carry!!


Colonial Knife Company got its start in 1919 when it’s founder, Antonio Paolantonio returned from WWI after serving with the United States

Marjacq Knives

The Marjacq folding knife.

The Marjacq is entirely handmade at the foot of the Auvergne volcanos in the city of Thiers, cutlery capital of France

Forge de Laguiole

In a throwaway society, here is an object you will keep for the rest of your life, then leave to your grandchildren – Laguiole®, the world’s most elegant knife.

Coutellerie M.C.COGNET Douk Douks

Douk Douks were made in the thousands by Coutellerie M.C.COGNET for the former French colonies

Nontron Knives

Nontron knives have been fashioned in the tiny village of Nontron in the Perigord (Dordogne) region of France for the past 500 years.

Okapi Pocket Knives

Okapi Knives – which is a registered trade mark – have been manufactured in Solingen, Germany from 1902 until 1987

The Executive Edge® Knives

The Executive Edge® represents an unusual combination of style, strength and superior performance in a series of quality knives.

Myerchin Knives

MYERCHIN has been providing quality knives since 1984. During the early years of the company, they specialized in the production of rigging knives. Their customers include the US Navy, US Coast Guard, US Army, merchant marines, and sailors around the world. Ask any sailor about MYERCHIN knives and you’ll probably get the answer, “best rigging tools in the world.”

Grohmann Knives

Grohmann Knives

Responding to the needs of Canada’s professional woodsmen and expert sportsmen, D.H.Russell designed a knife of exceptional quality, balance an

Lone Wolf Knives

Lone Wolf Knives® was founded with the goal of producing the finest semi-custom knives available anywhere in the world today.

All Other Brands…

Just because we don’t consider them “Featured Knives” doesn’t make them any less amazing. This is an extremely diverse list of all types of knives. Please look around and see what we have to offer!!